Rugby and real moments

Last Monday I attended a screening of “Forever Strong” – a film about a high school rugby player who finds himself and discovers the meaning of loyalty and honor after a DUI conviction. Based on a true story, the movie follows the transformation of Rick Penning (played by Sean Faris, a great actor and fun to look at for the ladies) under the tutelage of Larry Gelwix (nicely played by actor Gary Cole), coach of the championship Highland Rugby team.

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The movie opens across the nation this Friday, September 26th, and I definitely recommend going to see it. I’m not the kind to give plot secrets away, but I will say that I walked out of the theater on a high, having thoroughly enjoyed the film and wishing that I knew how to do the Haka-type chant from the movie. (Talk about a great way to get pumped up before hitting the gym or meeting with a difficult client!!!)

The ART in this movie: great humor/writing in the script; believable performances (mostly) by talented actors; rockin’ soundtrack and score.

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The not-so-much art: opening sequence is too slow for the accompanying song; Arielle Kebbel (Emily) and Penn Badgely (Lars) leave something to be desired in their acting/roles.

Fortunately, the weak spots in Forever Strong do not diminish the impact of the movie and its message. It is a great, “feel good” movie that Hollywood needs to have more of. It won’t win any friends in the snobby Oscar community or jaded critics who want more edginess and less morality, but who cares? We aren’t asking for their opinion. Being inspired and coming out of the theater on a high should be proof enough, right? Check out Forever Strong on September 26th.


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  1. jfrissa December 3, 2008

    I love that movie I want to see it again!!!!! It is way good, even with the sad part, it’s still really good.