The Nest is empty, but great images were hatched

(Great wide-angle image of “The Bird’s Nest” here)

Let’s talk about artistry in photographs created during the recent Olympics in Beijing. Many people (and understandably so) would say that the performance of an Olympic sport is art, or that the physical form of an Olympic athlete is art: look no further than super-swimmer Michael Phelps for evidence of this. It would then be enough to say that you took a picture of either of these subjects and voila! Photographic art!

But good artistry in sports shooting will transcend the event and the athlete, and the photographer will create an image that is more than a fleeting, “here’s what happened in the second quarter with 3:47 to go” representation. (Don’t get me wrong… these types of images have an important place, especially in the news and editorial worlds, but my quest is for the fine art element.) Even though the competitions are over, the sweat has dried, and the Nest is empty, here are a few of my favorite images from the Olympics with the art to last… (all of them from swimming events… I mean, how cool are water shots??!

BHBlog_Beijing Olympics_01

BHBlog_Beijing Olympics_02

BHBlog_Beijing Olympics_03

BHBlog_Beijing Olympics_04


  1. Marge Clayton September 16, 2008

    Nice blog, I loved seeing your blue eyes!!!

  2. Bree Herbert September 16, 2008

    Thanks for reading! I hope you keep visiting because I plan to post lots of cool art critiques and first glimpses of my new work… exciting, exciting! Best, Bree