Christmas! (and a bonus for Bree’s Critique readers)

Whatever your religion, whatever your celebratory traditions, and whether you see piles of snow or swaying palm trees when you look out your window, the holiday season is a wonderfully different and special time of year. I personally find it impossible to resist the giddy joy in the air, the twinkling lights on trees and houses and parks (especially when I have a camera in hand), and the sense that everyone is trying a little harder to be kind to one another and less selfish (that is, unless you are at an electronics store at 5:00 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving). As Hamilton Wright Mabie said, “Blessed is the the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

For part of my participation in that conspiracy of love, Bree Herbert Photography is offering a beautiful, festive, custom-sized desktop wallpaper to her newsletter subscribers and anyone who leaves a comment on this blog post. Not only will it bring you instant joyousness and tingle your nose with the imaginary scent of pine (totally safe and non-allergenic), it will also make your co-workers bribe you with scrumptious treats to find out where you got it. Post a comment on this blog entry and enjoy your own custom holiday wallpaper! Check it out below.

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