Hints for Holiday Pictures

If you plan to shoot the beauties of Christmas lights and decorations, or the fun chaos of family gatherings, think natural/ambient light. Harsh flash can ruin the festive mood and leave your colored lights in the dark. How to cope? Bump up your ISO, dial your aperture to its widest setting (or close to it), use a tripod or brace yourself whenever possible, and if you HAVE to use flash, bounce it off the wall or ceiling. Dial down your flash exposure if your camera allows it. If you’re shooting Christmas lights outdoors, remember to layer up, pack some extra batteries and yes, use a tripod. Christmas lights and decorations on your home look particularly striking when you shoot just after the sun has set. The possibilities are endless and exciting!

Here are a few of the pictures that I created at beautiful Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.

2008_12 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_02

2008_12 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_03

2008_12 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_04

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  1. Amberdawn February 13, 2009

    These are so beautiful, I particularly love the first one. You’re a great photographer. I have your daffodil picture hanging where I see it a million times a day. It makes my day a little brighter!