Photography at 30,000 Feet

I LOVE having the window seat when I fly on commercial airliners. I never get tired of looking out over the miniature landscape below or following the pleasing lines of the wing out into the sunset. And when you’re up in the clouds, so close it seems that you could touch them, I dream of being free from the bounds of gravity and bouncing from each fluffy cloud to the next. And I always think about what a great picture a certain scene from my airplane window would make.

Which is why I felt an interesting mix of excitement and regret when I learned that Julieanne Kost (Adobe guru) is showing an exhibit titled In Flight, a collection of her images taken from airplane windows. Excitement because another photographer saw the same roundish-square window as an exciting conduit to a picture as I have so many times, and regret that I haven’t taken all those pictures I thought about. Shutter regret is not a pretty thing.

However, planes are still flying and I still have time and opportunity (as the economy permits) to capture my vision from those windows. In the meantime, check out this link to see more of Julieanne’s work at Modernbook Gallery, and if you’re in California don’t miss the exhibit!

This is the FINE ART of aerial photography.

BHBlog_Julianne Kost

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