Hurrah for HTML!! (a.k.a. Update on “Website Facelift”)

If you read my last post, you probably got a sense for just a bit of the frustration I’ve had with the design tools offered by Microsoft for my website. In particular, I was bugged by the fact that my design looked great in Internet Explorer and pretty messy in Firefox. This Calvin & Hobbes cartoon is a visual of my feelings over the past week.

BHBlog_Calvin Faces

Be assured, my friends and fellow Firefox enthusiasts, that I was NOT going to let this issue go. After many more hours of work and personal study of HTML coding, I have improved the design so that is now just as viewable (and pretty) in Firefox as it was in Internet Explorer!

Take a moment to look through my new website using your browser of choice and let me know what you think. (Also, send me a message through my contact page if you experience any problems or issues while exploring the site.) I’ll be in a dark room, resting my LCD screen scarred eyeballs.

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  1. Amberdawn March 24, 2009

    That is so funny! I cannot believe you figured it out. Ms. Smarty pants! I can’t even figure out how to make a cutsey blog title. Maybe you could help me? I guess you do have a few years more computer experience that I do. Cause you know, I just learned to email a few years ago!