If you don’t have your DSLR handy….

Use your cell phone camera, a friend’s camera, your web cam, make a pinhole camera really quick… just create the picture. One of the worst feelings that a photographer can experience is “missing the shot.” I’ve been there and UGH. I really, really, really hate that feeling.

The image below would have been a missed shot had it not been for the camera on my cell phone. I didn’t have my larger Canon DSLR with me at the time and so it was a temptation to simply say, “Oh that’s a nice view. Too bad I don’t have my camera.” But out came my LG Voyager (love the widescreen capture of this cell phone camera – it was really conducive to the scene) and I avoided “missing the shot.” Hooray!

2009_04 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_02

Of course, I wish I had a larger resolution file of this so that I could create a fine art print out of it, but not only do I have a very lovely shot for my phone’s wallpaper, I also have a template or pre-sketch, if you will, for going back and re-creating the image with my Canon camera. Sweet!

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