A goat, some ducks, one bee sting, and plenty of golf

I just finished processing some photos that I took while having some Memorial Day fun with friends and family. Yeah, I know, Memorial Day was almost a week ago. But I’ve found it is little difficult to process pictures when you’re trying to finish buying a home in addition to all of your everyday duties. Hoo boy, if only there was a way to photograph all the drama and chaos of the adventure called “Buying a House Without Endless Cash Reserves!”

Thankfully, though I worked on Memorial Day, I also had some extra time to play and relax and shoot for fun. On a farm! Okay… ranch. Not a working ranch, though. Would you call it a Just-For-Fun Ranch? Regardless, there were ducks and kittens and dogs and horses and goats and roosters and white fences. An outdoor fire pit. And a great big field for hitting golf balls into that will be found by archaeologists sometime in the year 3013.

Below is one of the shots that I captured that day. Check out the rest on my website in my “Recent Work” gallery.

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  1. Shannon June 2, 2009

    Love it Bree, those turned out so cool! Great work and fun fun day!!