Crispy pigs, hula dancing, tiki torches and… sweaters?

I shot a luau during a recent family celebration, and while the event was pretty authentic, the weather was decidedly less than tropical. It was a brisk 45 degrees Farenheit, in fact. Thankfully, the rain had stopped a couple of hours before the feasting and dancing got underway. And the leftover clouds combined with the sunset made for a spectacular backdrop to my luau pictures, which got me excited. (Hopefully, the clouds make up for the background trailer and equipment that couldn’t be avoided.)

Although it was really fun, shooting an evening luau that had lots of quick action and dancing without a formal lighting setup proved challenging. I spent most of the evening dreaming of a super fast, kick-butt, “L” series Canon lens to better achieve my artistic vision with. Maybe if I’m really good, the Camera Fairy will bring me one for my birthday.

I’ll post pictures soon on my website. In the meantime, here’s a little piggy preview. Anyone hungry?

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