Anticipating Autumn

The days have been getting shorter and the temperatures cooler and it is obvious where I live… autumn is on its way. I have seriously mixed feelings about this. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, but I also really love summer. And spring! There is only one season I can’t get “into”… winter. And that’s the problem with autumn – winter comes right after it. Ugh. Cold, snow, ice, shivering, short daylight hours… not my thing.

But since I have not yet achieved the magical power to extend summer, I decided that I would focus on the many things I love about autumn and completely block my brain from thinking about the “w” word. In fact, I found some photos that I took last year with a point-and-shoot during a beautiful fall hike and hadn’t processed yet, and went to work on them. Ahh, autumnal bliss…

It begins with a winding mountain road and a gorgeous blue-sky day….

2009_09 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_03


That leads to a trailhead bursting with aspen trees and deliciously yellow leaves….

2009_09 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_04


Ahhh, the joy of hiking. An abundance of mountain yellows and greens make for great infrared-style photos, no?

2009_09 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_05


2009_09 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_06


As the sun began to set in late afternoon, my attention was captured by the interplay between light and dark, snow and vegetation in this little meadow.

2009_09 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_07


And I let my Impressionistic side come out. (This one is my favorite in the series.)

2009_09 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_08


Art is truly found in the season of fall…

2009_09 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_09


And in all its little details.

2009_09 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_11

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