Ever tried a wrap?

Oh yeah…. a veggie wrap with hummus or veggie cream cheese and crisp cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, green onions… YUM. Creamy and crunchy veggie goodness!

But, this being a blog about photos instead of pitas, the wrap I’m referring to is a gallery wrap. Have you ever purchased a gallery wrap of your favorite photograph? If not, I highly recommend them. Gallery wraps are canvas prints wrapped around a wooden frame (with finished backing) that offer a stunning, textured, almost 3-D look. It is a classy, modern way to display fine art photographs.

I recently had a client in El Paso order three of my prints (20×30 and 16×24 – they look best when they are large) in gallery wrap style and I was so thrilled about how great they looked that I nearly drove them down to Texas myself just so I could get the wraps to the client faster. But common sense prevailed and I sent them via mail to her address, but not before snapping some photos of two of the gallery prints on my walls… so that I show you how cool they look.

Check ’em out…

2009_09 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_01

2009_09 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_02

My client called this afternoon to let me know that she had received her prints and said, “They blew me away!! I LOVE them!” She then told me that she was going to have her husband hang them up on the wall immediately so that she could show them off at the dinner party she was planning (maybe she can have a “wrap party!”). True story. And I love it.

Nearly all of the fine art photos prints posted on my website are available for gallery wrap printing. Order yours before the end of September and you’ll get 20% off! E-mail me for details on pricing.


  1. Amberdawn September 12, 2009

    Those are so beautiful. They would be artwork that you decorate your room around, not just add to a room. I love them!

  2. Ms. Bree September 12, 2009

    Thanks, Amberdawn. It would be the ultimate compliment to have a room decorated around my art!! I would love it.

  3. Anonymous September 12, 2009

    I love them! You focus on the great photographs and not the frame or mat. Beautiful!