Kick-butt vehicles….in fog

Kick-butt vehicles in fog = gorgeousness! Awesome. Stunning, even. (I just love tossing vocabulary together in unexpected ways, like using “gorgeous” and “kick-butt” and “vehicles” all in the same sentence. It’s fun.)

Those of you who know me well know that I’m a big supporter of the good men and women in law enforcement and public safety. As one of my service projects during the holidays, I shot one of the local “Shop With a Cop” events for free. It was a terrific experience, and one that probably would have brought tears to my eyes had I not needed them to be blur-free so that I could see through my viewfinder. 😉

Even though I was shooting on assignment for a client, I made sure to look out for personal work/fine art print opportunities. And I found a great opportunity as I watched a very long line of law enforcement vehicles drive through the early morning fog to the store where the kids and cops would shop. I’ve shared three of those prints on my website. (Here’s a little preview, too.)

2010_01 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_01

Officers! Deputies! Chiefs! These prints would look KICK-BUTT in your office! They’d look AWESOME! They’d look GORGEOUS! Contact me if you want a picture that will make you the envy of the department…

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