Indoor Spring

I am obsessed with thoughts of spring and summer. Seriously. It’s as bad as a six-year-old waiting for Christmas. Visions of warm sunniness torture my days and makes me cry myself to sleep at night (kidding). Unfortunately, neither of these seasons has arrived yet in the area where I live, so I’ve had to find ways to bring green and flowering beauty into my life while the snow refuses to melt outside and temperatures stubbornly remain at 40 degrees.

About two weeks ago, I received a calla lily plant and I put it on my dining room table (good light there) so I could enjoy the beautiful pink flowers. Then, a few days ago, a strange thing happened. A white calla lily flower began to grow in the midst of the pink ones and then shot up Michael Jordan-esque heights in a very short period of time. Leader? Over-achiever? Vanity? Purity? It was an irresistible image full of fun metaphors, and I knew I had to shoot it.

I’ve made a series of images from that calla lily plant on the table in my house. Which is your favorite?

2010_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_01

2010_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_02

2010_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_03

2010_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_04

2010_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_05

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  1. Leslie March 1, 2010

    I love the first one with the most green….something I haven’t seen in a long winter either.