Vultures vs. Squatters – UVU Parking Video

From the sports-announcer-style narration to the simple yet quirky animation, I love, love, LOVE this video! It’s the result of a graphics design class assignment (produced by Utah Valley University students Lauren Casper, William McCrery, and Audrey Moore) that gives both an enlightening and humorous take on a big problem on their campus.

Although the video was obviously intended for an audience of fellow UVU students who could relate to the parking lot drama (as well as the class instructor and ultimately, university administrators), viewers far removed from college life can enjoy this too. Like sports play-by-play? You’ll like the video. Enjoy line drawing and graphic animation? You’ll like it. Ever had to hunt for/wait for/fight for a parking spot in a crowded lot? You’ll like it. Ever lost a spot to an *#%@ driver who won’t look you in the eye while they steal the prize? You’ll…well, you might not love the video, but you might have an ironic laugh or two, and you’ll understand the message.

Bree’s Critique : Terrific writing, good voiceovers, clear and effective animation, and a perfect mix of humor and commentary on a big issue. Bonus points for the creative and humorous “sideline commentary” on Vultures vs. Squatters, and the dangers of the Stalker strategy.

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  1. William C. McCrery June 14, 2011

    Thanks, Bree. You can see a slightly updated version here:

    I appreciate the feedback!