Interesting Things in the Parking Lot

On Saturday I attended a photography workshop and was quite surprised to learn that the promised photo safari to an “undisclosed breath-taking location” meant walking out into a parking lot. We safari-ed about 30 feet. It looked like this:

2011_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_01


Perhaps when the brochure said “breath-taking location” it was referring to the cigarette smoke from the patrons outside of the coffee shop.

Nevertheless, I had committed to be there and my son’s babysitter was scheduled for 4 hours, so I figured I might as well try to make the best of a disappointing situation. I made the parking lot my creative challenge – how could I get great photos out of an area that at first glance held nothing but wire fences, cars, cigarette butts, and dead vegetation? What can you do if you’re in a similar situation, stuck somewhere that feels like a photographic dead end?

Well, you can search for color….

2011_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_02


Or you can play around with depth of field:

2011_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_03


Or you can look for a scene that would convert well to black and white:

2011_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_04


You might want to keep an eye out for texture and pattern

2011_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_05


I liked these canvas umbrellas so much that I decided they needed the macro treatment.

2011_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_06


Perhaps by keeping your eyes open, you’ll get a shot that combines lines AND color AND texture AND pattern:

2011_03 Copyright Bree Herbert Blog_07


What do you think? Do my photographs indicate victory over the parking lot?

Coming up, I’ll share some more photos from that day of the other subject available in a parking lot: people.

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  1. Shanna & Brad May 29, 2011

    I’d say you definitely conquered:) I especially like the picture where you played with the depth of field. That would look great in my living room! Nice work.