About Bree

a largely self-taught photographer, bree herbert broke free of office life to pursue her dreams of working for passion and owning her own business. a childhood lived in many places, combined with a serious wanderlust that has taken her to over 20 different countries, has helped develop her unique expression and appreciation of beauty in the world.

bree’s artistic sense appeared early in life and was cultivated over the years through drawing, dance, singing, hobby photography, and graphic design. she graduated with top honors from the University of Utah and earned her degree in Mass Communications (specializing in Broadcast Journalism and Telecommunication & Film), as well as a degree in Sociology.

bree herbert brings passion and humor, a fresh artistic flair, an undeniable eye for detail, and a deep sense of the human spirit to her photography. she lives for the thrill of capturing candid moments and unique views, as well as finding the fine art in people and the everyday world.

bree currently resides in the beautiful state of Utah with her wonderfully supportive, zany husband and her equally zany son.

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